The security of your sliding doors in the West Island is vital for the overall security of your home and it is regrettable that very few people ever take time to ensure that their sliding doors are properly secured. When the sliding door is compromised in any way, it gives a through pass to intruders who can then access your home and steal whatever they want. Use the tips below to enhance the security of your sliding doors:

Invest in a slide locking bar

A side locking bar might sound complicated, but it’s nothing but a thick metal or wood bar fitted at the bottom track of your sliding doors. When you lock up the door, fit the slide lock into the track and it will prevent the door from being opened, until it is removed.


After proper cleaning, the next process is to lubricate the door with an appropriate lubricant. The places requiring lubrication include the top and the bottom tracks, the wheels and the runner. A good lubricant recommended for patio door is silicon spray because it does not hold any dirt like most of the other lubricants.

Maintain the door tracks and the rollers

When the rollers in the sliding doors wear out, they make the door to be easily lifted from the tracks. This can make it possible for anyone to gain access to the house, even if the door was locked. Again, poorly maintained rollers and tracks make it difficult to operate the door and you may need to exert a lot of force which might end up damaging the sliding door. Therefore, ensure that the door tracks and the rollers are well maintained at all time.

Wire in the home security system

If you have a home security system, wire it to a contact, so it is connected to your sliding door in the West. When you do this, every time the door is opened after the alarm is set, it will give a warning sound. In the event that your sliding door is made of glass, it would also be a good idea to install glass break sensors so that the alarm goes off if someone smashes the door to gain entry forcefully into your home.