There are certain little known renovations you can carry out on your property to increase its value. If done correctly, these renovations can get you a higher closing if you were looking to sell your property or they will simply increase the aesthetics and enhance the functionalities of the house. They are as follows:

Add an Income Suite

Adding an income suite to your property is one of the biggest ways you can use to increase the value of your home. You can achieve this by converting your basement into a rental or any other room which you don’t have too much use for. In this manner, you shall have added an additional source of income for your family, and should you decide to sell the home, it will likely fetch a higher value.

The Bathroom

With regards to valuation, the bathroom comes second in terms of importance. By simply adding a three-piece bathroom to a property with only one full bathroom, you will dramatically increase the value of your home in the market. Though you should not interfere with the bedroom space when carrying out renovations to add an additional bathroom, you can think about utilizing some dead spaces such as under the staircase. You can also renovate and use glass for shower to create the illusion of more space and consequently increase the value of the home.


It goes without saying that revamping the fixtures in your home will go a long way in increasing its market value. However, most people tend to ignore this old fact and only prefer to carry out some shoddy work on the fixtures. By replacing or updating fixtures such as countertops and faucets, light fixtures, cabinet hardware etc, you will realize an immediate increase in the value of your home, besides enhancing its aesthetics and making it look much better.