Wooden doors in the West Island are beautiful, tough and durable. They have a unique way of adding natural charm to the home, which will in turn, give the home a certain authentic look that is comparable to none.

However, it is regrettable to note that most people tend to neglect the wooden doors, thus making them develop all types of problems, which ultimately make them lose their charm and beauty.

Presented here are some of the common wooden door problems and how you can take care of them to ensure their longevity:

Water penetration

Water is the number one enemy of wooden doors in the West Island. You should strive at all times to prevent the doors from coming into direct contact with water, such as those from the gutter, leaking pipes, rising dumps, etc. Additionally, you should consider applying a protective coat of clear paint on the surfaces of the wood to offer more protection, should there be accidental contact with water.

Rotting Timber

Rotting timber is another West Island wooden door problem that most homeowners may face. Two things may be responsible for this: either the door was made from low quality timber with a shorter lifespan, or the timber has outlived its useful lifespan and the effects of the elements of weather are taking a toll on it. Either way, the only permanent resolution to this problem is to replace the door altogether, since once the timber begins to rot, it can never be reversed.

Sticking doors

In some occasions, you may realize that the wooden door is not shutting properly or perhaps, it is getting stuck somewhere along the path when being closed. The reason for this might be paint or moisture build up in the wood, causing it to expand. If you determine that the sticking is being caused by paint, simply scrape off the paint section causing the door to stick. But if the sticking is being caused by moisture absorption, find out where the moisture is coming from and get rid of it immediately.