When chosen the right way and installed properly, sliding doors are always a beauty to behold. They introduce an indescribable charm to the house besides allowing plenty of natural light into the house, which then makes everything look so beautiful. But there are occasions when their proper functioning may be hampered and listed here are some of the common problems with sliding doors that West Islanders are often facing, along with their respective solutions:

Bent Track

A bent track will impede the easy sliding of the door. The door will fail to move freely and any attempts to force it through may lead to you breaking the glass. If you find yourself with a bent track on your sliding door in the West Island, take a rubber mallet and hold a small wooden block against the bent section, and hit it gently.

Dirty Rollers

Most people will concentrate on cleaning the glass, but will give very little attention to the rollers at the bottom of the glass. When they get dirty, they will make the sliding of the door very difficult. If this happens, attach a thin crevice tool to the vacuum and use it to remove all the major dirt and debris from the rollers. Then use a wet paper towel to scrub away any remaining dirt from the rollers.

Broken Glass

A broken glass in sliding doors, is not just a safety concern, but also, it will hamper the aesthetics of your home, in addition to making it vulnerable to intrusion by criminals. For the glass to be repaired, you will have to remove it from the door seal, clean up all the broken pieces, and fit in a new one on the window. This is not your normal DIY and to avoid accidents and injuries, you are highly encouraged to seek the services of sliding door experts in the West Island.