Proper window insulation is imperative during the cold months of winter, not just to keep the house and its contents warm, but also to help in lowering the energy bill in instances when the HVAC has been overworked due to inefficient windows. Here are some of the best methods you can rely on to help you get maximum insulation for your windows in west Island when the cold season sets in:

The Use of Rubber Weather Sealing

The first and the easiest method to insulate your windows during the cold season is to use rubber weather sealing. These can be purchased from your local hardware stores or online and they are easy to fix so as to make the windows completely airtight for winter. They also don’t require a lot of window alteration and you don’t need any experience to fix them, provided that you can follow simple written instructions.

Window Insulation Film

Most of the window insulation kits from your local hardware will come with a plastic shrink film which is normally installed on the window frames using a double stick tape, and is then heated using a hair drier so that the film can stick firmly on the window. Using window insulation films in the West Island is also a cheap and effective tactic you can resort to when you require greater energy efficiency during the cold months of winter.

Cellular Shades

With cellular shades, you will get to insulate your window while still allowing natural light into the house. You can order them online and then custom cut them at home, according to the size of your respective windows. Even if you are not an expert, the cellular shades come with step by step instruction on how to install them, and how to remove them once winter is over.