Every section of the home requires good maintenance and patio doors West Island are no exception. If anything, the last thing you desire is for your beloved patio door to jam when you least expected it. Fortunately enough, you don’t need a lot of time and effort to keep the patio doors in good working condition, and here are a few tips to help you do so:

Inspect the tracks on a regular basis

Any debris present in the tracks may cause the patio door not to function properly. Make it a habit to inspect the tracks on a regular basis and remove any particle that might hinder the smooth sliding of the door. Use a wire brush to clean the narrow spots and wipe every other part with a soft damp cloth to maintain the entire door clean.


After proper cleaning, the next process is to lubricate the door with an appropriate lubricant. The places requiring lubrication include the top and the bottom tracks, the wheels and the runner. A good lubricant recommended for patio door is silicon spray because it does not hold any dirt like most of the other lubricants.

Tighten loose screws

Inspect the patio door for any lose screws which might cause it not to work properly. Loose screws can be easily screwed back but do not over tighten them since you may end up loosening the threads, and causing more problems for the door.

Check the warranty

Suppose the patio door seems to have a lot of issues, check the warranty and see if you are still covered. If that is the case, schedule for an appointment so that an expert can come and have a look at it and fix all the issues. If you are already out of the warranty period, you may have to call a technician and pay for the fixes.